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How To Get the Most from This Program

Welcome to The Genie in Your Genes online course. I am so happy to welcome you to this program. By taking the course, you're declaring your intention to change your gene expression to enhance your health, happiness and longevity. I look forward to our journey together.

This is a 12 week course, and during this time my goal is to introduce you to the most useful cutting-edge ideas in biology, and train you in 12 science-based skills that apply them in practice.

Here’s how to get the most from the course: Each week, you receive an information-packed video based on one or two chapters of my book The Genie in Your Genes. Each week concludes by teaching you a simple yet practical skill. I know that some people are auditory rather than visual learners, so you’ll also find an audio file of the video that you can download to your wireless mobile device. If you're a verbal learner, each week also includes a written transcript of the video, and a PDF of the book chapter.

Make sure you either watch, listen to, or read each week's material. On the navigation bar above, you'll see the links for Weeks 1 through 12. Week 1 is live now. Week 2 will become live seven days after Week 1, Week 3 seven days later, and so on. Don’t jump ahead; each week’s skill is carefully designed to build on the week before. And don't forget you'll have access to all the previous weeks for one full year after your purchase.

To reinforce what you've learned each week, you'll find a Mini-Quiz at the bottom of each page. This contains 5 to 10 questions drawn from that particular chapter in the book. It's a great way to cement your knowledge of the material in your mind. You can take each quiz as often as you wish.

Whenever you visit this site make sure you log in using the login identity you created when you purchased the program. If you click on a saved, cached, or bookmarked page without logging in, you will receive an error message, so always log in first. If you run into problems, such as getting an audio or video to play, or a lost password, you can find the solutions on our “Help” page, including customer service.

I celebrate the steps you’ve already made toward your wellbeing, and appreciate the possibilities that will unfold for us in the coming weeks.

- Dawson Church, PhD

“The Genie in Your Genes is one of the most useful books I have come across in a long time for anyone in the therapeutic professions. The importance of the mind-body connection in diagnosis and healing has been gaining increasing traction through the work of such ground-breaking pioneers as Candace Pert, David Feinstein and Bruce Lipton. What Dawson Church has done is to weave the work of the many scientists and researchers in this area over the last century into an impressively comprehensive overview, and in a narrative so lucid that anyone should be able to understand it. In fact reading this book was one "Aha" moment after another for me, as I read things I had heard, and even lectured on many times before, but somehow they were placed in a context that made fresh and compelling sense.

“The implications of this work are profound, not only for understanding the mechanisms at play in disease and wellness, but also for understanding the power of perceptions and beliefs in creating the social and political realities we must deal with every day. I would make this book required reading for just about every discipline, and certainly all therapeutic modalities.”

—Miriam Knight
New Consciousness Review